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Elibah School Of Dance is AMAZING! Miss Kali comes to our Nursery and provides a fun, energetic and entertaining dance/drama session for children ranging from 3 months to 5 years. The children of all ages thoroughly enjoy the sessions, they often talk about Miss Kali when she isn’t at Nursery and we see them doing the dance moves that they have learnt in the classes during their play. Something I particularly like is how Miss Kali really makes the classes age appropriate and follows the children’s interests during the terms. With our babies and younger children they really enjoy a lot of sensory movements using scarves and small instruments, the older children get moving to familiar stories and start adding drama to their learning. Miss Kali is fantastic with all ages and you can see how much she loves what she does by the enthusiasm she puts into her sessions every week. I would recommend Elibah school Of Dance to anyone!

– Rachel Hunter, Acting Manager, Woodley Gardens Day Nursery

Miss Kali is like a ray of sunshine entering the nursery. The children have always thoroughly enjoyed her dance sessions, Miss Kali is very flexible and is able to cater for all age ranges across the nursery including our babies aged 4 months to adventure club aged 11+. Her dance sessions are well planned, well equipped and structured. I would recommend Miss Kali’s sessions to anyone who asked. Sophie-The Avenue Day Nursery.

– Sophie Martin, Manager, The Avenue Day Nursery

My daughter has been attending Elibah School of Dance via her after school club at St Mary Bourne Primary School. She has loved the classes, which has helped her build confidence, be part of a team and more so, starting to build the foundations of her dancing ability. She is always happy to attend and loves learning the new dances with her other school friends. This class is great fun and as a parent I would 100% recommend it.

– Emma Wykes, Parent of After School Club

E loved the Street Dance after school club last year and she cannot wait to join again after the summer holidays. She has learnt so many cool moves and it’s really helped with her confidence both in dancing and generally. Thanks for all your support.

– Zoe Jarvis, Parent of After School Club

Miss Kali, just wanted to say how amazing the Greatest Showman dance class has been. My kids had an fantastic time and watching the show this afternoon I was blown away by how hard they had worked and how much they had achieved – not to mention having to blink away something in my eye for almost the entire performance!!! ? Thank you.

– Sharon May, Parent

The biggest of thank you’s Miss Kali! The girls LOVED The Greatest Showman Summer school! They are so sad it’s over. You’ve given them so much confidence & inspired them to want to do more! The performance was brilliant, we loved it!

– Fiona Moore, Parent

Thank you for the wonderful summer school in Basingstoke. I can’t believe all you achieved in just 4 days. E loved it & learnt a lot. Was fab to watch as well!

– Nicky Moore, Parent

Miss Kali did a fantastic party for my daughters sixth birthday. Ten fully engaged little girls who enjoyed it immensely! Thanks so much 🙂

– S May, Parent

Miss Kali has taught my daughter ballet and modern for the last three years. Miss Kali has always been incredibly supportive, coping with my daughter’s learning difficulties and helping her to excel. She is calm, patient and nurturing, but always expects high standards. She has provided individual feedback and given us things to practice at home to help my daughter do her best in class and in her exams. We never really thought our daughter would manage a dance exam due to her delayed development, but she has managed to pass three exams, all with Merit, and this is completely down to Miss Kali’s encouragement and attention. She never makes us feel like our daughter is any different from anyone else and as a consequence she loves dancing and we are very proud parents!

– K Radden, Parent

Miss Kali is an inspirational teacher who instils confidence in all her students and optimises their natural ability to reach their full potential. Miss Kali’s choreography and teaching skills have enhanced my own daughter’s dancing abilities to reach an excellent level.

– C Boardman, Parent

I am delighted to have Miss Kali as a ballet and tap teacher for my two daughters, aged 5 and 7.  They have had her as a teacher for nearly two years and have loved every minute of their lessons. Miss Kali’s sweet nature and seemingly endless patience makes her an ideal teacher of children and her enthusiasm is infectious.  She provides honest and constructive criticism, is quick to praise and always ensures she recognises exceptional work or substantial improvements. In particular, Miss Kali has fostered confidence in my very shy older daughter and helped her enjoy performing. Her sense of fun appeals especially to my younger daughter, who is having such a wonderful time, she doesn’t realise how much she has learned!

– S Buckingham, Parent

My daughter has been attending ballet, modern and tap with Miss Kali over the past couple of years and adores her lessons each week. Miss Kali is an extremely talented and dedicated dance teacher with an obvious passion for both dance and teaching. She balances technique, discipline and enjoyment exceptionally well to ensure the students are pushed to the best of their ability all the while having fun. I would highly recommend Miss Kali as a dance teacher to any dance student and parent alike.

– S Clarke, Parent